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Mar 6, 2014 3:00am EST
in the recognizes the gentlewoman from florida, ms. new biography of stokely carmichael. defense secretary chuck hagel was questioned about proposed cuts laid out in the president's budget plan for the pentagon. the obama administration wants todo reduce defense spending 490 $5 billion in fiscal year 2015. that is $113 billion less than last year's budget proposal. secretary hagel was joined by joint chiefs of staff chairman general martin dempsey, carl levin chairs the senate armed services committee. >> good morning, everybody. we meet today to hear from you about the fiscal year it 2015 and we do so at a time of extraordinary challenge and uncertainty for the department of defense and for the nation. members of this committee are well aware of the threats that face our military around the world today from an unreliable arner and the president of afghanistan to a dangerous and unstable situation in ukraine from an al qaeda resurgence in syria and iraq to a new set of challenges in asia and the pacific rim. hanging over all those issues is a fundamental question. the budget prop
Feb 26, 2014 9:00pm EST
20 6, 2014. i was a participant at the bloomberg defense summit taking place at the ronald reagan building. >> welcome to a special edition we spoke with senator mark warner. tony hawk will talk about the olympic sports and maybe a little bit of white house exploits. let's get headlines from olivia sterns. >> after the close of u.s. trading, jcpenney, the struggling retailer posted its first quarterly profit in more than two years and shares rallied in after-hours trades. retailers return to discounting at last. the income was $35 million in the quarter compared to a loss of $552 million a year earlier. a little bit better numbers from jcpenney but coming off of a very low comparative figure. tesla out with details on its so-called giga factory plants. this could help to drive down the battery packs. they hope to make investments my the year 2020. they will invest $2 billion. they also see volume at about 500,000. an activist investor carl icon escalating his attack on john donahoe, the ebay ceo. carl icahn sent his letter to shareholders highlighting the leadership of mark andree
Mar 6, 2014 4:00am EST
education, research, manufacturing, and defense. building on the model established in the ryan/murray compromise, the initiative is split evenly between defense and nondefense and is fully paid for with a balanced package. supporting what the president has said in the state of the union, the budget includes a series of measures to create jobs and accelerate economic growth. for example, the budget lays out an ambitious four-year, $302 billion transportation proposal that's paid for with transition revenue from progrowth business tax reform. it invests in american innovation and strengthens our manufacturing base by supporting the president's goal of creating a national network of 45 manufacturing institutes. it maintains u.s. leadership in research by making rnd tax credit permanent and continuing to support groundbreaking basic and applied research in a range of fields. and it enhances the administration's management efforts to deliver a government that is more effective and more efficient while supporting economic growth, focusing on areas directly impacting citizens and busi
Mar 4, 2014 8:00pm EST
opportunity, growth and security initiative that is fully paid for. it is split between defense and non-defense and it presents additional investments in things like education, research, and manufacturing. building on the model established in ryan-murray, it is paid for with spending cut and tax reforms. it is deficit neutral. supporting what the president said in the state of the union, there is a series of programs to create jobs. it lays out $302 billion infrastructure proposal that is paid for with pro-growth tax. it strengthens the manufacture base and supports groundbreaking research to fight disease, protect the environment and develop new technology. it enhances the administration's management efforts to deliver a government that is more efficient and supportive of economic growth. and it will expand opportunity for all-americans. it doubles the maximum value of the earned income tax credit to encourage people to enter the workforce. and makes high quality preschool available to every four year old. and drive workforce training. it will focus on the primary drivers of long t
Mar 6, 2014 5:00am PST
more openness about its defense capabilities and intentions after beijing increased annual defense spending by more than 12%. >>> people in ukraine are divided over their country's future. supporters and opponents of the interim government scuffled during demonstrations in an eastern city and the leader of the southern region of crimea is promising more cooperation with russia. >> translator: we will maintain our strong ties with russia. >> ethic russians make up a majority of the people in crimea, the road leading to an airport near zef stoep ol has been blocked by trucks. zef soapal is home to the black sea fleet n. the eastern city of donetsk, skirmishes broke out between the government and those favoring closer ties with russia. donetsk is the support base of ousted president victorian co-vish. >>> state-run media in russia report the government of crimea has brought forward a referendum of their future. people vote on march 16. vice prime minister say it is referendum will ask if they want to split from ukraine and if they want to join the russian federation. >>> lawmakers in
Mar 5, 2014 10:00pm EST
as an attorney at the legal defense fund. the legal defense fund had have a role and the case. eventually when he was the head of the legal defense fund they formally became his attorney. this was after the death penalty had been thrown out that there were still on going appeals trying to get it reinstated. he supervised the team that fought against the death penalty, which was never reinstated. >> the senate vote was 47-52 against moving forward with the nomination. that includes eight democratic senators. pennsylvania's two senators. what are we hearing about the motivation for the pennsylvania senators voting against cloture? >> in pennsylvania it -- you do not want to be on his side as a pennsylvania lawmaker. i don't think that's a difficult call for them. any appeal, anything defending him, strong opposition from law enforcement. democratic district attorney in philadelphia have also opposed his nomination is broken down on a. and so i think that it is a matter of pennsylvania lawmakers a want to be seen in any way at all to be on the side of a cop killer. >> ahead of th
FOX News
Mar 4, 2014 7:00pm PST
you. joining me live, former defense secretary don rumsfeld is with us. mr. secretary, thank you for joining us. do you think john mccain is right that in fact the president doesn't understand putin's ambition? >> well, sean, most of the discussion that's taking place is what's putin doing today, what should we do today. all this chatter about the world and the united nations. the cold hard facts are, it was syria, iran. it could be more activity in the prs and the south china sea. what's really happening is, the central problem is american weakness. we're managing our economy like juveniles and telling the world that in the next decade or two, we're not going to be there. we're cutting back our defense fund funds. when eisenhower and kennedy were in office, we spent 10% gdp on foreign defense. we're sending a signal that america's weak, we're in decline and weakness is bro voktive. we've created a leadership vacuum in the world he's being filled like putin, it will be filled like other putin like people. you think of magnetic particles on the table. all of those particles in the wor
Mar 3, 2014 12:30pm EST
defense ministry. secretary of state john kerry, he is scheduled to go to kiev tomorrow after russian troops entered crimea over the weekend. the associated press says russia issued ultimatum for surrender of two ukraine yap warships in crimea. secretary kerry said the international community could kick russia out of the g8 holding meetings in sochi in june and they could freeze assets if russia does not withdraw the occupation. he is scheduled to make remarks shortly from the state department after a meeting with the prime minister of moldova. we'll bring you remarks on companion network c-span. russian president vladmir putin said he sent troops to protect russian personnel in military bases in southern ukraine after the ouster of ukraine's president. secretary of state kerry will speak to the american israel public affairs committee meeting, aipac. we will have the secretary's remarks live from the conference on our companion network c-span. those remarks are scheduled to start at 5:00 eastern time. at the pentagon -- >> internet as we know it today, bears no resemblance to monopol
FOX News
Feb 26, 2014 1:00am PST
was to shrink down our defense and expand the welfare state. here's my question. what do you think the american people care about most? the military or the welfare state? >> i think there's competing priorities, and that american people elect leaders to represent them and this isn't necessarily what america would want. of course, it's not easy to make cuts in any regard, and in fact, they did some military cuts to pension growth in the future, just in december, two months later, the congress restored the cuts. it's very difficult to do any sort of cutting. i do think that jay of national review wrote a great piece today about president obama's goal to shrink the military overall. and that he wanted a republican secretary of defense to oversee that draw down as cover for his upcoming budget, which does definitely expand not just the welfare state, but spending on lots of different things, domestic programs. the priority, i'm always for more defense. i understand there could be cuts here and there, waste fraud, and some of the programs needed to be pulled back and some of the equipme
BBC America
Mar 5, 2014 6:00am EST
troops on the ground in crimea are not russian. he says they are from self-defense forces looking to russia for protection, but not members of the russian military. those are the outlines of the developments so far today. let's just listen to a little of what sergei lavrov had to say in mid drid. >> translator: i would to understand what you understand by pro russian forces. these are the forces of self-defense created by the residents of crimea. we did not order them. they didn't get any orders from us. as to the military personnel of the black sea fleet, they are in places of their dislocation, yes. some additional measures of extra vigilance were taken to provide the security of the troops of the police fleet. as our president said we will do everything not to let any bloodshed, not to any attempt at life and security of those who live in the ukraine including, of course, the citizens of the russian federation. >> reporter: sergei lavrov speaking in madrid. let's go to tom barge who sdwroins us now from madrid. was anything discussed about this outline plan about international mon
Mar 5, 2014 5:00am PST
among investors, and help restructure the economy. the defense budget has seen double digit growth almost every year since 1989, and that will continue. this year's defense spending will increase by more than 12% to about $130 billion. li said the government will do more to address concerns about pollution, and the wealth gap. >> translator: air, water and soil pollution is severe in some places. and the task of conserving energy and reducing emissions remains arduous. >> reporter: and he promised the government will severely punish public servants and others involved in corruption. after the session we asked some delegates about li's report. >> translator: i think the campaign against corruption should be more tightened up. it's also set out in report. only in doing so the government could do its own duty. >> this i think is a basement, there will be some problem. so we need to do things step by step. >> let's now talk more about the government work report. nhk world kyoko fujita spent the day going through it. let's start by talking about the 7.5% economic growth target. what's b
Feb 27, 2014 8:00pm EST
, pressure from other concerned apparatus were in high demand. >> more likely the defense minister. >> i thought in the closing ceremonies there was even the flash of russian with that i love, see them making fun of themselves with the system ring not opening. that was a kind of showbiz moment of irony that was nice. told the story. there was a narrative in the opening ceremony. part of my job, sitting in between matt lauer and meredith vieira. some people thought i was debbie downer. here comes the march persians of 1937. there was an attempt, however macy'sque du soleil, day thanksgiving parade in terms to show the best face forward even historically. centuries afor legacy of rivers, blood, oppression, but part of his of theatism and building state is to reassert a different history, a glorious history. wonderful future. >> and to toboggan right past the unpleasantness because he feels we have heard that in the west has been dancing in the end zone about its victory in the cold war and the turmoil of russian history. >> it was the latest geostrategic tragedy of the century. >> what are
Mar 5, 2014 10:00am EST
more times in the chest. as officer faulkner lay dying in the streets defensely, abu-jamal shot him in the face, killing him. at the hornghts abu-jamal brag -- at the hospital, abu-jamal bragged that he had shot officer faulkner and expressed his hope that he would die. at trial, he was remorseless. he interrupted the proceedings and insulted the judge and even smirked at officer faulkner's widow when the bloodstained shirt was held up in court as evidence. four eyewitnesses saw abu-jamal gun down officer faulkner, four eyewitnesses. three more witnesses at the hospital heard him confess to the crime. ballistics evidence approved that officer faulkner had been shot with a handgun registered to abu-jamal, which was found at the scene of the murder along with the shell casings. based on this overwhelming evidence, abu-jamal was tried, convicted, and sentenced to death. what followed was a 30-year effort by the far left to glorify abu-jamal and to exonerate him. this effort was taken up by law professors, left-wing activistes, and in 2009 by the organization which the nominee before us
FOX News
Mar 2, 2014 1:00am PST
military strategy, one apparently you didn't even believe according to your then secretary of defense, robert gates. so why are you scrapping for a fight? for what? your red lines, your threats, your foreign policy, it's all full of hot air. it's actually embarrassing. now, you don't have a foreign policy and everybody knows it. have you already forgotten that you and hagel just announced this week you were reducing the size of the military to preworld war ii levels while the rest of the world is on the march increasing the size of their military? and by the way, what does a pre world war ii level mean? everyone going to be flying around in a prop plane? then for sure we'll never be able to protect our troops around the world. as in benghazi? hell, why not go back to s troops? ♪ they know their moral ♪ as long as they all relax in town before they resume with a bang and a boom ♪ ♪ s troops >> clueless. and what's with happenless hagel, one of two senators voting against sanctioning iran who actually said in al gear ra the united states was the bully? whoi are you? with the adv
Al Jazeera America
Feb 26, 2014 7:00pm EST
cut from our defense budget. i'll talk to william cohen. plus confessions of a middle class cab driver. he would be back on the road to prosperity if he could just find the on ramp. i'm ali velshi. a and this is "real money." >> this is real money. you are the most important part of the show. join our life conversation for the next half hour on twitter at aj real money, at facebook. d-plus. that's your grade, america. i'm talking about our roads, railways, communications and more. collectively infrastructure in america gets nothing better than a d-plus grade on a report card put out by the american society of civil engineers. not only are we not doing enough to modernize our public infrastructure, we're barely maintaining what we have running right now. once upon time the american infrastructure was the envy of the world. now we're falling behind the rest of the world. eventually vice president biden slammed laguardia airport as being, quote, too third world after seeing the sleek airport in hong kong. nobody told the vice president that we don't say third world any more. president oba
FOX News
Mar 1, 2014 11:00am PST
defense department proposed slashing its army for the first time in 75 years setting up what promises to be a fierce fight on capitol hill. law makers on both sides of the aisle vowing to fight the proposed cuts to the pentagon budget. bret stevens joins us with more. they are taking the army down from what to what? >> 520,000 now, under 450,000 at some point in this term, which would leave us with an army as small as it's been since 1940 before the eve of the second world war. >> on the other hand, he's increasing special forces from 66,000 to 70,000 and taking down the marines slightly from 190 to 182,000. status quo mostly there. what do you make of this? is it as risky as some of the critics say? >> i think it is. for instance, with an army of 450,000 men, if we had that in 2007, we never could have contemplated a surge. >> surge in iraq. >> the surge in iraq which allowed us to win the war, at least in iraq. the army -- let's not forget the army was too small back at the end of the first bush administration. that's why we had to fight the iraq/iran wars sequentially. we never cou
Feb 27, 2014 6:00pm PST
panic defense, when a defendant, in a murder or assault case, claims he affected in a state of insanity because of homosexual panic. she introduced legislation that would prohibit defendants from using that strategy as a defense. >> very, very important that we make a qualification that justice is not served if we allow people to use a defense they were panicked and that is why they committed a murder. >> attorneys used the defense while defending four men accused of killing a transgender teen in 2004. attorneys claim the defense who were sexual enmit with her orphdisusessing she was -- after discovering she was not biologically female. >>> the snow pack is getting better but it is not good enough. today survey recorded water content at 24% of normal. that is the average combining all the survey stations. a month ago that number was 12% and at the start of the year 19%. it provides 1/3 of the state's water supply. >>> lawmakers approved a $687 million drought relief plan. it now heads to the governor's desk. the plan takes funds and bond money and redirects it to water conversation effo
Mar 5, 2014 3:00am PST
the defense has a strategy of its own. your "new day" starts right now. >>> good morning. welcome to "new day." you see we have breaking news. it's wednesday, march 5th, 6:00 in the east. growing fears that russian president vladimir putin is plotting to escalate the crisis in ukraine. secretary of state john kerry set to meet in paris just hours from now. they are meeting there for talks to try to end the crisis. putin is talking of expanding his military operation in crimea. the russian president says there are no russian soldiers in ukraine. he insists they are just local self defense forces. >> russian forces have seized part of a ukrainian missle defense unit. they are trying to find a solution. we have reporters on the ground in ukraine, russia, and washington this morning covering all the angles. let's begin with cnn white house correspondent. what are you hearing from the white house this morning? >> reporter: nothing this early at this point. today john kerry is going to meet with his counter part, the russian foreign minister. leaders there are expressing concern at not
Feb 26, 2014 6:00am EST
that government investment and flood defenses has fallen. in the light of this an event we have seen, does the prime minister think it's right to revisit the plan for investment and flood defense? >> we will look very carefully at the plan for flood defenses but, of course, without spending figures all the way out to 2020, not all of which are fully committed which are major investments in budget defenses but i said two weeks ago as the waters reside and as a bea and others can look at what happened, we can review and see what new measures might be necessary. let me just repeat the point that in his four-year period and, indeed, in this parliament overall spending on flood defense has gone up. >> mr. speaker, i'm afraid the figures the primus is quoting are phony and i believe he knows this. [shouting] this is what the uk -- this is what the uk statistical process i know they don't want to hear. they say this, government funding for flood defenses were lower in both nominal and real terms during the current period than since the last. the only way you claim otherwise is by ignor
FOX News
Mar 2, 2014 12:00am PST
was nominated to be secretary of defense, i strongly objected based on his record as a senator and some of his comments about our allies in the middle east that absolutely scared the living day lights out of me. my fears, they were not unfounded. as this week hagel proudly announced his proposal to further gut the military readiness of our nation by drausic troop reductions and cuts to our families and family health care. for the past 100 years presidents and our nation's warriors have warned of putting our guard down. both democrat and republican presents from coolidge to roosevelt to eisenhower to reagan reminded us that readiness to fight is the foundation of freedom. the best minds in our nation's history warned of lulling ourselves into the stupid stupor of thinking that the world would be safer and more peaceful if we just holstered our guns and swords. it's folly to think such nonsense. the best way to preserve freedom, keep the peace and protect security is to have a military that's so overwhelmingly powerful that no one on earth would want to poke it into action. frankly,
BBC America
Feb 27, 2014 6:00am EST
-general rasmussen. there's been a meeting of defense ministers. obviously ukraine right on the borders of nato, on the borders of poland is a core challenge and worry for nato security. >> that concludes the public parts of our meeting. and i thank the media for their attendance. >> that's all we're going to see. we unfortunately arrived a bit late. normally these sessions happen behind closed doors. that was a very public piece of the meeting of defense ministers in brussels. we were talking about what's happening in bangkok. she's been indicted for alleged criminality in a rice scheme. >> reporter: this is the first time we have seen the prime minister's own supporters, and she has huge numbers of them outside bangkok, to carry out the same tactic being used by the anti-government movement. that movement has block aided ministries in central bangkok. they are using the same tactic against the building behind me, the anti-corruption commission. they sealed off the gate. they're taking a break. they are waiting for three cement trucks. they are going to solidly cement the gate.
Mar 6, 2014 11:00am PST
." he became a key lawyer in the defense fund, the venerable organization, that since the 1940s has represented every civil rights case. it's the organization that gave us thurgood marshall. he argued two voting rights cases in front of the supreme court, and despite all of that, republican senator pat toomey of pennsylvania vowed to defeat his nomination, and he did, getting those seven democrats to go along, including chris kuhn, and heidi hide who sent out a memo saying, if there's one thing we should be able to agree on, it's that every american deserves the right to vote. it's one of the most basic rights but a right that's now under attack. civil rights. so why did they beat this nominee? >> it was 355 a.m. on december 9th, 1981, when 25-year-old philadelphia police officer danny faulkner was brutally murdered in the line of duty. >> a former journalist and black panther was eventually convicted and put on death row for the killing of officer faulkner, though then and now he maintains his innocence. 30 years after the original conviction, as head of the naacp's legal defense f
Feb 26, 2014 6:00pm EST
contained in the defense department fiscal year 2015 badges admission. it goes about pain that make in spending choices as having more losers than winners due to the fact that budgets are tight and could get even tighter is no way to win a popularity contest. in many respects, there is something in the package to set up just about everybody's alarm bells and on which meter. from my perspective and as i hope my remarks will make clear, the two categories of stakeholders most protected from these changes are people we should all feel the most accountable to. the average american fighting man woman in the average american taxpayer. to best take advantage of our time today as well as this informed audience, i thought i would might be useful to provide a broader context, thought processes and strategic shift underlined the fy 2015 proposal. we are unveiling this latest budget at a time of continued transition and insurgency for the u.s. military in terms of its role, mission and available resources. the past decade has dominated by the protected land wars in the middle east and virtually sh
Mar 4, 2014 2:00pm EST
defense of the koch brothers and the fact that they advocate for many of the same policies as the koch brothers, it seems my republican colleagues also believe in a system that benefits billionaires at the expense of the middle class. the koch brothers are willing to invest billions to tbhi buy that america. they're investing billions to buy that america. in 2010, the supreme court opened the floodgates of corporate money into locktorial politics -- into electoral politics. that was with the citizens united decision. since they can launder their huge contributions use being shadowy shell groups and so-called nonprofits, it is difficult to tell exactly how much they've invested so far. investigative reporting by some of the most respected news outlets in the country has revealed that the koch brothers funnel money flew a web of industry groups -- through a web of industry groups that are immune from disclosure rules such as the club for growth, heritage, a n.r.a., and the the united states chamber of commerce. we may never, never know how much money the koch brothers are spending t
Feb 28, 2014 3:00pm EST
to self-defense, especially when there have been massive acts of attacks to the police. regressive lead. remember 2004 we had a similar situation. 40,000 people came to the railroad station. they could have been a clash of bloodshed. i went to the railroad station. i stopped be people. i prevented bloodshed. i talked to those who brought them. i said they will never forgive if blood is spilled. >> please take your seat. i insist. >> hello? i have a question. if this is under way, are you ready? what happens? what if this happens? what would you do? do they recognize you? here is my point of view. there is an independent investigation. or someone from the authority. after this independent investigation, maybe we can talk about the courts. not to comment on these questions. i'm very often provoked. how i'm going to put it. i am convinced that the time will come and the truth will travail. everyone will know the truth and this was a show of history on next. i was more interested. there's no person more interested in avoiding blood children -- bloodshed than myself. it was written some
Mar 6, 2014 12:00pm EST
november 18, 2013, the department of defense provided he an assessment of the devastating impacts of the gillibrand bill, the defense office of cost assessment and program evaluation estimate that total cost of over $113 million per year. that's every year for -- to implement her bill in the army, navy, air force and marines. not only is her bill not executable in a cost neutral basis, it is not possible to grow the total inventory of nearly 600 judge advocate officers and legal assistants required by the bill within the 180 days of enactment. the decision we make today will have significant consequence on the future of our miltle militaries. the bill we're debating this week threatens to tear apart what i believe is the fabric of our armed forces, the chain of command. i can't find people i can confide in and talk to personally who have been in the military who don't agree with this. i was in the uniform code of military justice when i was in the united states army, not at the level that the -- that the -- some of the senators who have been more recently, senator graham, for example, an
FOX News
Mar 5, 2014 1:00am PST
obama do? the exact opposite of that. no, we don't need missile defense shield. putin has the eu, a feckless eu abandoned defense budgets for the welfare state. how is the president going to rally the eu, which was a big point yesterday on the show. when we have the french sending vessels over to help the russian navy and the germans have shown no appetite to get involved. president obama has no cards to play. >> those mid-range weapons in europe were introduced by harold brown and jimmy carter in 1978 and 1979. you're right about the french, the feckless eu. >> at least carter canceled the olympics. president obama doesn't even have the guts to do that. he canceled, whaultd, the paralympics? >> i think it's a difficult position because they need this energy that russia gives them because there's no other way to give them. >> god forbid we would want to piss off the environmentalists. >> i'm not needed here. that was my point. a good point. so, okay, amazingly, bob turned this into a question of what is happening today to what did reagan accomplish? that was five minutes spent rehas
Mar 4, 2014 1:00pm EST
administration should re-examine how much is allocated in the defense budget because of the situation in ukraine. and has the administration given any consideration to that? first i would start with -- i'll do it from a defense budget perspective, and jay can handle beyond. i think it's important to reflect that there is an agreement, a ryan-murray agreement that set the levels for 15. in the president's budget that you see proposed today, you see the president suggesting that the 050 account, which is defense, department plus other things that do national security, the opportunity growth and security initiative suggest that is we believe a better place would be to have an additional $28 billion. that's fully paid for. fully paid for. we would make choice abouts offsets that have to do with closing tax loopholes. we believe that's a choice we should make. i also point reflect in all the outdoors of the budget, the president's budget has higher levels of defense spending than those that are current law and those that have been supported. that is what i think we'll most likely see when we
Mar 5, 2014 12:00am EST
decades. in the '50s from world war terror total defense spending was 10 percent of gdp. if you add that the entitlement programs together that accounted 2.5% gdp. the ratio of defense spending is four / one. in 2010 defense spending declined 4% of gdp if you add up the transfer programs it was 13.5% gdp. defense and entitlements plus transfer a ratio of four / one a massive change in the composition of the federal government with nature of spending. with the implications of the work ethic and incentives to work it is not sustainable. it is simple arithmetic. the social security program all by itself and mandatory health care and interest on our debt with those three things in the current budget window will consume about 80 percent of all revenue based on decades of historical numbers. this is just not possible. what are we doing about it? what about washington? we refuse to address this in any serious way as the government but i would ask you not to paint everyone with the same brush. to their credit in the house we have seen the idea after idea you don't have to agree but you do h
Feb 26, 2014 11:00pm EST
. wednesday morning, acting defense second christine fox expanded on that budget, including planned cuts and the size of the area. this event from the american enterprise institute is 50 minutes. minutes. >> so, i want to thank all of you at american enterprise institute for the great work that you do when the opportunity to be with you today. as mckenzie said, secretary haeckel recently announced a number of recommendations and proposals that will be contained in the defense department fiscal year 2015 badges admission. it goes about pain that make in spending choices as having more losers than winners due to the fact that budgets are tight and could get even tighter is no way to win a popularity contest. in many respects, there is something in the package to set up just about everybody's alarm bells and on which meter. from my perspective and as i hope my remarks will make clear, the two categories of stakeholders most protected from these changes are people we should all feel the most accountable to. the average american fighting man woman in the average american taxpayer. to best tak
BBC America
Mar 3, 2014 6:00am EST
charges, the four charges he faces in the strongest terms. now we have heard the defense accusing the police of contaminating the crime scene so far this morning. and we have heard one prosecution witness already in the first couple of hours of this trial. the prosecution have called witness number 80. michel berger heard blood occurred elling screams she said in the early hours of valentine's day 2013. she was questioned just before the court broke for lunch. this report on the day's events so far. >> reporter: oscar pistorius is escorted into the high court in the heart of pretoria for one of the most high-profile trials to ever take place in this country. hundreds turned out in the drizzle to see the arrival of the double amputee who rose to become a sporting hero and celebrity. there's an encampment of television crews from south africa and around the world. even a television drone made an appearance. relatives of both oscar pistorius and his girlfriend reeva steenkamp present. at the start of the trial, he was asked to plead to the central charge of murder as well as firearms cha
Al Jazeera America
Mar 5, 2014 7:30pm EST
is treating them like gods. >> the national defense agency says, $150 million of food stamps were redeemed. why does that matter? well the usda says 2,000 active duty members got food stamp benefits in 2012. the average beneficiary gets about $115 a year. that should provide food stamps for 75,000 active former military and their families. but accounts show only 2,000 recipients. if the usda and department of defense don't keep detailed records how can they possibly evaluate their system? joining us to help make sense of those numbers is debra bradbard. brandon archuleta, kevin stern, an air force veteran who has written on this topic who is skeptical on this item, and susan, she and her family have relied on food stamps. welcome to all of you. so debra, is the middle class way of life that people associate the military provided for decades on its way out? >> i don't knowists on its way out, but esee a -- we see a differential between those who join as service members and those who join as officers. your base salary, e-1 is about $20,000. and you see an officer coming in at about
Al Jazeera America
Mar 5, 2014 11:00am EST
seen increases in not just military forces, they are backed up by civilian defense forces, and i think that's a real danger, because those people are unpredicted. the forces we have seen have been very disciplined. they have only a few strategically placed bullets in their weapons, and have been very calm, but the civilian forces tend to get very agitated, and they are alongside these military forces, so you have russians right at the door, and then civilian forces right in front of them, and when i tried to get into a base a couple of days ago, it wasn't the russians who stopped me, it was the ukrainians of russian decent. and there is a big divide between those two sides. >> jennifer we hear music in the background. what is the mood right now? >> reporter: well, you know, if you go around town, you can see i'm in sort of an touristry, entertainment area, and people by and large are trying to go out, and business and usual, but this is a navy town. one woman i spoke to yesterday, said her neighbor told her they are going to have to leave because her husband refuses to sign an oa
Feb 28, 2014 5:00am EST
extortion 1-7. i want to assure the families that this committee questioned the department of defense officials on the full spectrum of the mission to include extremely sensitive and highly classified information. in an effort to fully understand the events pertaining to the strategy that unfolded that day, we have tried our best to treat all the families' interests equally, knowing that there's a wide range of spectrum and perspectives given the sheer number of people and families that ren gaged in this. two of these -- two of america's best happen to be from my congressional district in utah, and a number of members obviously care deeply about this issue. you're going to see members coming and going in this hearing. we have lots of different things happening in congress at the same time. some families may claim we have not done enough by not allowing classified or highly graphic information to be discussed today, and others may claim that any discussion about extortion 1-7 is counterprodifbt and opens old wounds. if i did not believe that the majority of the families wanted a forum
Mar 4, 2014 8:00pm PST
steenkamp was killed, followed by four gunshots. the defense tried to poke holes in the neighbor's story. >> just listen carefully to the question. the question was not that difficult. shall i repeat it again? please listen carefully. just listen to the question please. >> the defense went on to question the neighbor's credibility. >> you heard that out of a closed toilet and a half, 177 meters away? >> then in graphic detail, the defense explained steenkamp would not have been able to scream after the fourth and fatal shot. >> with the head shot, she would have dropped down immediately. when you say, when you talk about the screaming, whatever interpretation, after the last, it cannot be. >> as i stated yesterday, i heard her voice just after the last shot faded away. >> the defense claiming the screams that night were from pistorious. they say high pitched yells occurred after he realized he had accidentally shot his girlfriend of three months and not the intruder. prosecutors allege allege pistorious killed his girlfriend in a fit of rage and called two more neighbors as witness
Mar 5, 2014 11:00pm EST
recommendations as the secretary of defense from the chief and the secretary and dempsey. i know we cannot continue to sustain the kind of growth we are on and still make certain that our men and women will be ready, are ready and equipped and especially in light of a number of whites made here earlier this morning about emerging threats and merging technologies. some of our adversaries are developing pretty significant capabilities and technologies that we have to stay ahead of. that is part of the balance. we did look at everything. >> the reason we need to move now is the budget caps are in place now. we have the information to go forward and if we do not, we will have to cut training and maintenance and we do not want to do that. >> i thank all of you. you mentioned the emerging threat. the committee is clear on what they need to do. all of you take the best interest of our men and women who are serving at heart. i know you have a lot on your plate today. thank you. >> thank you. ayotte.a at -- kelly >> and want to thank our redness is during challenging times for our country. i wanted
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Mar 5, 2014 8:00am PST
officials are doing today. secretary of defense chuck hagel has counterparts, america's top of a tree officer also is speaking with his top counterpart, russia's top military officer. foreign ministers from united states and russi rushed me with several european leaders in hopes of solv solvent ongoing dispute. state department is calling a brief discussion after the main group meetings. they will meet again in about an hour. urgent talks between russia and ukraine. jon: new witness testimony today linking paralympic track star oscar pistorius to a new shooting. he is accusing the shooting death of his model girlfriend on valentine's day last year. joining us by phone, fox news producer. paula. >> we have learned oscar pistorius said it is not so much about "blade runner" as "played shifter." they said they were inquiring a loaded gun in the restaurant. he then asked the gun owner to say to people if anybody asks that it was him who had fired the gun. the witness claims pistorius claimed he did not want the media on his back. here's what some of what this guy had to say. >> i don't ho
Mar 5, 2014 8:00am EST
integrity and sovereignty. reassure america's allies in europe. strengthen nato's defense posture and impose costs on the putin government. broadly these are objectives most americans want to achieve right now but this particular circumstance i believe presents president obama with a fairly stark choice. ad-libbing was the term kim used. i would describe it as muddling through. he can either seek to mutt dell through this crisis or use it to articulate a broader vision of the role the united states should be playing and what we should be achieving through global leadership at this time. this is important because the russian invasion ever the crimean peninsula, is in my view symptommic of a role in which we see growing pressure against our allies, security partners, our friend in many areas and many regions simultaneously. would compare this moment perhaps to, once again kim mentioned the example of president carter facing the soviet invasion of afghanistan. would compare it both to perhaps president truman in 1947 looking at turkey straits crisis which was a very specific circumstance
Feb 25, 2014 7:00pm EST
some of the world's biggest problems. that is coming up next. the defense department is cutting back on spending and we have reaction to the proposed budget. biden played defense during seth meyer's debut on "late night." >> i was planning on making an announcement tonight but i decided that tonight is your night. i hope you will invite me back. >> and 2016 plans? >> i'm going to run for president. ♪ >> this is "lunch money," on bloomberg television, streaming on your phone, your tablet, and i am adam johnson. google executive chairman eric schmidt donated $1 million of his own money to provide grants for organizations fighting local challenges. the idea came out of his best-selling book. it is entitled "the new digital age." charlie rose spoke with the authors. >> so many revolutions, the disclosures from snowden and the crises governments are facing -- we think that a lot of this is anticipated in the book. you judge but the important thing is the technology revolution is real and the power of citizens has importance. >> i want to talk about both of those things bu
Mar 3, 2014 1:00pm EST
, steve? >> reporter: you are reading the same headlines we are out of the russian defense ministry and from russian sources, first saying they would potentially be some assault on ukrainian forces who were holding out, albeit peacefully at the moment on the crimean peninsula. then we understand no such ultimatum has been issued. really, events down in the crimea which is in the southern part of this huge european country, let's not forget it's the second largest country by land mass in europe, with a 2300 kilometer border with russia. events are very fluid and really, no clear picture coming out. at the moment, we do know this government here in ukraine which is pro-western, is very defiant even though they are saying they are still looking for very diplomatic messages. that's despite the foreign minister of russia today being pretty aggressive, telling western powers not to back this government in ukraine. i spoke to the prime minister yatsenyuk today. i asked what's his message to lavrov and the russians. >> my message is that we will find a political and diplomatic solution desp
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Mar 1, 2014 4:00pm PST
more let's bring in k.t. mcfarland. you were a former assistant of defense in the reagan administration. what's going on in russia right now? >> they have decided to take what it couldn't get with a carrot it's going to take with a stick. russia tried to buy ukraine, offered them a big loan, cheap gas. they said no thank you very much so russia is going to take what it wants which is crimea. >> what's at stake for us? >> for the last 40 years we have been promoting democracy. these people want what we want but they can't have it. russia wants it back. they want greater russia back. as much as president obama said it's a cold war game, it's russia at every step check mating the united states and supplanting us in that part of the world. >> when you see transport vehicles, aircraft landing in your city, it doesn't feel like a game. is there anything that would pull our american military into what's going on between russia and ukraine? >> we don't have a military option there. >> when the president threatens, what is he talking about? >> you'll ask to ask him. >> i mentioned
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Mar 5, 2014 10:00pm PST
taken over the naval areas, the ports, the defense facilities. in fact they took over today, on wednesday, they took over two missile defense areas. the russians are not admitting it but you can see it with your own eyes that it is happening. >> is there any perception about what they want europe's involvement to be, or the president of the united states. what they want his involvement to be. is there awareness this has gotten to a crisis point? >> it is clear the ukrainians, the interim government which was put in place after yanukovych left, and the protection of russia, it is clear they want the european help. that they want the russians to withdraw and they want their sovereignty to be respected. it is clear that has not happened. it is clear they broke the international laws, did so with the agreement with the ukrainians for a trade deal. violating the agreement when they were de-nuclearized, if you will. and further, the trade agreement, the international law, the question is how do you enforce that international law? if you were to show some sort of force, for instance, i
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